Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nardwuar Keeps it Indie! (Q&A pt 2)

Over in our Facebook Group we've created a little section where people can ask Nardwuar questions about the Junos and his (destined) part in 2009's ceremony in Vancouver. Below is Nardwuar's response to two independent questions asked by Team Nardwuar member Jacob Pop.

Hullo Jacob! Thank you so much for taking the time to ask a question!

Why do you think the Junos are so important to Canadian Music?

I like the historical aspect of the Junos, especially the pre-1970 era
before the Junos were called the Junos, when they were called the RPM
awards! Some incredible bands won awards such as my favourites, The
British Modbeats:

If you could, what category(s) would you add to the Junos?

I would like to add an "Independant Label Category" where to win a
band has to be on Indie label that is 100% independent. Ie: Not owned
by a major label or distributed by a major label. So many
artists/labels are classified as "Indie," but they still have major
label distribution or have part major label ownership in their
companies. Let's finally have an "Indie" category for the real DIY

Have a question about the Juno's you're just itching to ask Nardwuar? Head on over to the Facebook Group and have at it!