Tuesday, April 22, 2008

As Nardwuar sees it...

Over in our Facebook Group we've created a little section where people can ask Nardwuar questions about the Junos and his (destined) part in 2009's ceremony in Vancouver. Below is a rollicking response to two questions asked by Team Nardwuar member Robert McGregor.

What are your favourite moments/performances from Juno history?

Thanks for the questions Robert! There really only is one moment of Juno history that I remember and that is of the only Junos I ever attended, which also happened to be the only Juno I got kicked out of! You can actually travel back in time to that very incident by bravely watching this:

Q: If you succeeded in hosting the 2009 Junos, what would your grand entrance consist of?

Since the Junos will be in Vancouver, why not throw in some Vancouver history! I would love to enter on a flaming Chariot pulled by Canada's Metal God (and fellow Vancouverite) Thor, who would then re-enact his legendary appearance on The Merv Griffin show where he used his massive lung power to blow up a hot water bottle:

After the bottle exploded The Evaporators (my band) would launch into our song "Gassy Jack" about Vancouver Pioneer Gassy Jack Deighton!

Just when things seemed like they were wrapping up, I would bring/drag Kim Mitchell and Nelly Furtado out to do "I am a wild Party!"

but not before the Evaporators backed Maestro Fresh Wes on Conductin' Thangs

and got Joey Shithead of DOA to sing some classic "Hardcore 81" with us:

Plus we would have to fit in the Collectors/Chilliwack just for these amazing Vancouver 1960s shots:

But we are out west, and to bring everything back full circle, an ode to the Stampeders (Managed by Mel Shaw, the guy who i was asking a question to when I was kicked out of the Junos in 91) would most definitely be in order.

Gosh, I could come up with a zillion scenarios!

Thanks again for caring! Keep on rawkin in the free world!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ripple Rock Weekend!

What? Did someone say it was Juno Weekend? Sorry, but we couldn't hear you over the blast at Ripple Rock!

Learn more about Ripple Rock here
If you're up Campbell River way, make sure to take part in the festivities.