Tuesday, April 22, 2008

As Nardwuar sees it...

Over in our Facebook Group we've created a little section where people can ask Nardwuar questions about the Junos and his (destined) part in 2009's ceremony in Vancouver. Below is a rollicking response to two questions asked by Team Nardwuar member Robert McGregor.

What are your favourite moments/performances from Juno history?

Thanks for the questions Robert! There really only is one moment of Juno history that I remember and that is of the only Junos I ever attended, which also happened to be the only Juno I got kicked out of! You can actually travel back in time to that very incident by bravely watching this:

Q: If you succeeded in hosting the 2009 Junos, what would your grand entrance consist of?

Since the Junos will be in Vancouver, why not throw in some Vancouver history! I would love to enter on a flaming Chariot pulled by Canada's Metal God (and fellow Vancouverite) Thor, who would then re-enact his legendary appearance on The Merv Griffin show where he used his massive lung power to blow up a hot water bottle:

After the bottle exploded The Evaporators (my band) would launch into our song "Gassy Jack" about Vancouver Pioneer Gassy Jack Deighton!

Just when things seemed like they were wrapping up, I would bring/drag Kim Mitchell and Nelly Furtado out to do "I am a wild Party!"

but not before the Evaporators backed Maestro Fresh Wes on Conductin' Thangs

and got Joey Shithead of DOA to sing some classic "Hardcore 81" with us:

Plus we would have to fit in the Collectors/Chilliwack just for these amazing Vancouver 1960s shots:

But we are out west, and to bring everything back full circle, an ode to the Stampeders (Managed by Mel Shaw, the guy who i was asking a question to when I was kicked out of the Junos in 91) would most definitely be in order.

Gosh, I could come up with a zillion scenarios!

Thanks again for caring! Keep on rawkin in the free world!